Submerged arc welding ultra small nose itself - automatic welding machine

Update:10 Aug 2019

The submerged arc welding ultra small nose itself is a […]

The submerged arc welding ultra small nose itself is a precision welding tool that can be welded into a cylinder with a diameter of 300 mm. The small submerged arc welding head is set on the automatic welding machine. The working process is to realize the automatic linkage of the welding by manually operating the switch button of the controller. In the welding process, the workpiece at the weld is covered with a layer of granular flux, and the continuous welding wire forms an arc by the friction between the flux and the workpiece. Under the high heat of the arc, the welding wire, the flux and the workpiece melt, forming a metal melting. Pool. As the ultra-small head continues to advance, the welding wire, flux and workpiece in the front are continuously melted, and the rear is continuously cooled to form a weld, in which air is required to be isolated.
In the submerged arc welding ultra-small head, not only the welding power supply is self-contained, but also a set of control systems, a flux conveying system, a welding video monitoring system and an electric control system. It can be used not only with welding operators, but also with a 3 ton self-adjusting roller frame. Its equipment is widely used in steel structures and boilers. Shipbuilding, wind power equipment, special vehicle equipment, pressure vessels, pipelines, surfacing equipment and many other industries.
The submerged arc welding ultra-small head has the advantages of high work efficiency, low labor cost and good weld quality. It should also be noted that the welding wire, flux and workpiece should be insulated from air during the welding process, otherwise the quality of the weld will be affected.