Cylinder ring seam welding machine

Update:16 Aug 2019

The characteristics of the cylinder ring seam welding m […]

The characteristics of the cylinder ring seam welding machine are as follows:
With mechanical positioning, the workpiece is pneumatically inspected and positioned accurately.
It adopts industrial PLC to control the whole machine operation, touch type man-machine interface, the control is accurate and reliable, and the operation is simple, reliable and convenient.
AC servo speed control is adopted to realize stepless adjustment of welding speed, convenient and reliable adjustment, large adjustment range, high precision and stable and reliable operation.
The high-definition color touch screen is convenient for setting various welding process parameters. Automatic spiral surfacing and step (step) surfacing can be achieved.
Rich welding process parameters for full-function automatic welding.
The digital welding oscillator can set the width and swing frequency of the welding to improve welding efficiency and welding quality.
The high-quality surfacing welding torch has the functions of fine adjustment of the top and bottom, left and right, and angle adjustment.
The welding gun swings during the welding process, and the surface surfacing welding and the multi-layer automatic welding process of the groove are realized.
The process integration is powerful, and the user can flexibly choose according to the welding surface requirements of the workpiece.
Improve work efficiency and reduce the labor of workers.