The main component of the butt welding machine is a step-down transformer

Update:27 Apr 2020

The main part of the Butt fusion welding machines is a […]

The main part of the Butt fusion welding machines is a step-down transformer. At both ends of the secondary coil are the workpiece and the electrode to be welded. During operation, the arc is ignited, and the electrode is welded to the gap of the workpiece in the high temperature of the arc. Because the core of the welding transformer has its own characteristics, it has the characteristics of a sharp drop in voltage, that is, the voltage drops after the electrode is ignited; when the electrode is stuck and short-circuited, the voltage drops sharply. Next, I will introduce the principle of butt welding machine and its advantages.

Scope of welding machine
The welding has a wide range of application. In principle, all metal materials that can be forged can be welded by flash butt welding. For example, non-ferrous metals and alloys such as low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel can be welded by flash butt welding.
Welding cross-sectional area is wide, generally from tens to tens of thousands of mm2 cross-sectional area can be welded.
Flash butt welding is widely used to weld various plates, pipes, profiles, solid pieces, knives, etc. It is widely used and is an economical and efficient welding method.
What the butt welding machine uses is that the resistance will generate heat when the workpieces are in contact with each other, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the workpiece, causing the metal surface to melt, and the welding seam is formed under the condition that the solid metal of the workpiece is plastically deformed. The grains, weld structure and composition are close to the base metal, so it is easier to obtain equal strength and equal plastic welded joints. In the process of flashing, it has the function of self-protection to exhaust air and reduce metal oxidation, so that the weld seam contains less defects, such as insufficient penetration.