Usage of pe pipe hot-melt welding machine

Update:28 Jan 2023

1、 Hot melt connection shall be prepared in advance. Th […]

1、 Hot melt connection shall be prepared in advance. The tasks of preparing the hot melt connection device in advance are as follows: ① Put the slips with the same standard as the pipe into the machine frame; ② Prepare sufficient supporting articles in advance to ensure that the connecting pipeline to be fused can be at the same height as the center line of the machine frame and can be easily moved; ③ Set the temperature of electric heating plate at 200~230 ℃, and the general temperature is about 210 °; ④ Connect the power supply of the main machine of the hot melt welding machine, turn on the power switch of the electric heating plate, the cutting tool and the power oil pump and conduct a test run.

2、 Hot melt connection. The processing process of hot melt connection is as follows: check the pipeline and clean the pipe end → fasten the pipeline → mill the pipe end with a tool → check the dislocation and clearance of the pipe end → electrically heat the pipeline and investigate the height of small crimping → hot melt connection and cooling of the pipeline to the required length of time → remove the pipeline. During the whole process of hot melt connection, the operator should refer to the main parameters of the welding process card and, if necessary, properly adjust it according to the weather, ambient temperature and other changes: ① Check whether the standard of the pipe to be hot melt connection and the kneading pressure level are appropriate, and check whether there are bumps, bumps and scratches on its surface. If the scratch depth 1 exceeds 10% of the pipe wall thickness, it should be partially cut off before it can be used in the future; ② Use soft paper or cloth dipped in alcohol to clean the oil dirt or sundries at the two pipe ends; ③ Put the pipeline to be fused into the slip of the machine frame, so that the length of the two ends extending out is appropriate (as short as possible without affecting milling and electric heating, it should be kept at 20~30mm). The part outside the machine frame of the pipeline should be supported by supporting articles, so that the pipeline axis and the sub-center line of the machine frame are at the same height, and then fasten with the slip; ④ Place the tool, first turn on the tool power switch, then close the two ends of the pipeline, and apply appropriate kneading pressure until there are continuous chips at both ends (the chip thickness is 0.5~10mm, and the chip thickness can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the milling blade), remove the kneading pressure, wait for a moment, then back off the movable rack, and turn off the power of the tool host; ⑤ Remove the tool, close the two pipe ends, and check the alignment of the two ends (the misalignment of the two ends of the pipeline shall not exceed 10% of the wall thickness, which shall be improved by adjusting the straightness of the pipeline and the elastic slips; the gap between the two ends of the pipeline shall not exceed 0.3mm (below de225mm), 0.5mm (de225mm~400mm), 1mm (above de400mm), if not, it shall be milled here until it meets the requirements. ⑥ After the temperature of the electric heating plate reaches the set value, put it into the machine frame, apply the required kneading pressure, until the smaller crimping on both sides reaches the required height, the kneading pressure is reduced to the standard value (the front and back sides of the tube end just keep touching with the middle of the electric heating plate, and do a good job of endothermic reaction), after the time is reached, loosen the movable frame, quickly remove the electric heating plate, and then close the two tube ends, and its conversion time is as short as possible, after cooling to the required time, Release the pressure, loosen the slip, and remove the connected pipeline.

3、 The main parameters directly related to the hot melt process and the hot melt connection are: temperature, duration, kneading pressure. The hot melt process curve represents the relationship between kneading pressure and time in the whole process of hot melt connection.


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