What are the components of automatic welding machine

Update:02 Feb 2023

With the development of science and technology, all fie […]

With the development of science and technology, all fields have begun to achieve the transformation of intelligence and intelligence, and automatic welding machines have already been obtained. Do you know what components are combined for automatic welding machines?

Combination of automatic welding machine:
1. The automatic welding machine, welding power supply, output power and welding performance shall be consistent with the welding process method to be applied, and the port connected with the main control module.

2. For the wire feeder and the adjustment and speed control system, the wire feeder has a strong standard for the accuracy of wire feed rate, and its control loop should improve the rate feedback.

3. The ultrasonic mold adopts its movable structure, which is composed of ultrasonic mold, ultrasonic mold fixed bracket, hanger, etc. For the high-precision ultrasonic mold structure, the drive system should select the servo motor with encoder.

4. The automatic welding machine shall weld the moving or displacement structure, such as welding roller frame, turning machine at both ends, rotating platform and positioner, etc. The high-precision moving displacement structure shall be driven by servo motor.

5. The main control module, also known as the operating system control module, is mainly used for the linkage control of various components, the adjustment of welding procedure flow, and the setting, adjustment and display of welding parameters. If necessary, it can expand the basic functions of regulation, such as fault diagnosis and human-computer dialogue.

6. Automatic welding machine computer software. The commonly used computer software of automatic welding machine includes: programming software, basic function software, processing method software and expert system.

7. Ultrasonic mold guiding or tracking structure, automatic arc voltage controller, welding gun yaw and monitoring system

8. Auxiliary devices, such as wire feeding operation system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery and conveying device, wire support, cable hose and drag chain structure design and electrical control design.

9. Welding robot, also known as manipulator, is an important part of automatic welding machine. Its main tasks include welding, cutting, thermal spraying, treatment, etc.