Welder safety operation rules

Update:21 Jun 2022

1. Operating procedures for electric welders (1) Electr […]

1. Operating procedures for electric welders

(1) Electric welding (gas cutting, gas welding) workers must undergo physical examination, professional training, and work with certificates. Wear protective equipment before work, carefully check the safety and reliability of electric and gas welding equipment and equipment, and check in advance when operating pressurized containers, airtight containers, and pipelines. To rinse clean. Welding and cutting in the container requires two people to take turns, and one person to monitor outside. The lighting voltage should be below 36 volts.

(2) Strict implementation. "Three-level fire protection approval system". It is forbidden to store inflammable and explosive materials in the welding site. Fire-fighting equipment is provided according to regulations, and sufficient lighting and good ventilation are ensured.

(3) The shell of the electric welding machine should be effectively grounded, and the grounding or zero connection, and the working return line should not be placed on flammable and explosive materials, nor should it be connected to pipelines and machine tool equipment. The working circuit, the power switch should be well insulated, the insulation of the handle and the welding tongs should be firm, the welding machine should be kept and maintained by a special person, the power supply should be cut off when not in use, the wire reels should be neatly placed in a dry area, and must not be placed in the open air or exposed to rain Rainstorm, prevent temperature rise, get wet.

(4) Oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders should be properly stacked, and no open flame operations, flames and smoking are allowed around, and no welding wires or their live wires can pass through the gas cylinders. Avoid frequent movement. It is forbidden to mix easily natural gas with combustion-supporting gas, and not to contact with copper, silver, mercury and their products. It is strictly forbidden to use up the remaining air in the bottle during use, and the pressure should be kept at 1:1.5 gauge pressure.

(5) Only one cutting tool is allowed to be connected to each oxygen and acetylene pressure reducer. Before welding and cutting, check whether there is air leakage in the liquid pipe at the bottle valve and pipeline joint, whether the welding nozzle and cutting nozzle are blocked, and whether the gas path is blocked. Whether it is smooth or not, everything is normal before ignition operation. When igniting the welding and cutting tool, a small amount of acetylene should be turned on first, and then a small amount of oxygen should be turned on. It should be ignited with a special lighter, and cigarette butts should not be ignited to prevent burns.

(6) Only one welding tool or cutting tool is allowed to be connected to each tempering preventer. In case of tempering during welding and cutting, the acetylene regulating valve on the welding and cutting tool should be closed immediately, and then the oxygen regulating valve should be closed, and then open again later. The oxygen valve blows off the residual temperature.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to open the oxygen and acetylene valves at the same time, or to block the welding and cutting nozzle with hands or objects, so as to prevent the oxygen from flowing back into the acetylene generator and causing an explosion accident.

(8) Strictly check and remove all fire after work, close all gas cylinder valves, and cut off the power supply.

2. Operating procedures for spot welders

(1) Before working, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is in good condition. The water source, power supply and grounding wire must be in normal state and meet the process requirements.

(2) The operator must wear gloves.

(3) The operator should stand on the insulating wooden platform and start the welding machine. The cooling water valve must be opened first to prevent the welding machine from burning out.

(4) Protective glasses should be worn during operation, and the operator's eye sight must be biased towards the direction of sparks to prevent eye burns.

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