Welding process and advantages of automatic butt welder

Update:21 Apr 2022

The advantages of automatic butt welder mainly include […]

The advantages of automatic butt welder mainly include the following 9 points.

1. Welding process: The gas shielded welding method is used, the workpiece is rotated, and multi-layer multi-pass welding is performed.

2. Unique pause function, you can weld at any time and stop at any time.

3. Welding position requirements: clamping in horizontal position, welding operation.

4. Special mechanical structure: The welding machine is firm and stable. Both sides of the device are equipped with a spindle selection mechanism and a pneumatic tailstock for adjustable tailstock movement.

5. Spindle rotation mechanism: The workpiece of the automatic welding machine is rotated by the frequency conversion motor + reducer + three-jaw clamping drive mode, the movement is stable, and the speed is stepless. The entire tailstock is guided by guide rails.

6. Welding torch moving mechanism: the cylinder is used to control the lifting and lowering of the welding torch. The electric swing welding torch has an automatic lift distance between layers. The size of the left and right swing of the welding torch can be adjusted.

7. Protective door: The movable sliding door is installed at the front and is equipped with a welding protective glass to observe the welding situation. It protects the human body from damage caused by arc radiation and welding spatter. It is integrated with the door and the device has a polished appearance.

8. Electrical control system: PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used as the main control unit. The Chinese display touch screen is used as the parameter adjustment dialog interface. The touch screen can set the welding voltage and current of each layer, and the automatic welding machine can set the welding speed and swing speed of each layer.

9. Protection device: If the equipment is abnormal, the equipment will automatically stop and remain stationary.