The main factors affecting welding performance

Update:12 Apr 2022

1. Material Factors Materials refer to the metallic mat […]

1. Material Factors

Materials refer to the metallic materials used to manufacture the structure and the materials consumed by welding. The former is called base metal or base metal, that is, the metal to be welded; the latter is called welding material, including welding wire, flux, shielding gas, etc. Among them, the chemical composition (including the distribution and content of impurities) is the main influencing factor. In welded structures, the vast majority of commonly used metal materials are steel. Carbon has the greatest effect on the weldability of steel. The higher the carbon content, the worse the weldability.

2. Design Factors

Design factors refer to the safety of welded structures in use. Not only is it affected by the material, but also to a large extent by the structural form.

3. Process factors

Process factors include welding method (such as arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, etc.), welding process (including welding specification parameters, welding materials, preheating, assembly welding sequence) and post-weld heat treatment.

4. Usage Factors

The use factors refer to the working temperature, load conditions and working environment of the welded structure (chemical area, coastal areas and corrosive media, etc.). Generally speaking, the lower the ambient temperature, the more prone to brittle failure of the steel structure.


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