What are the working principles and advantages of the butt welding machine?

Update:09 Nov 2020

Butt fusion welding machines is also called current wel […]

Butt fusion welding machines is also called current welding machine or resistance welding machine. Using the resistance between the contact surfaces of the two workpieces, a low voltage and large current is instantly passed, so that the contact surfaces of the two butting metals instantly heat up to melt and fuse.

The butt welder uses resistance welding and flash butt welding to weld various wires, rods, rings, plates, tubes and other profiles of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and non-ferrous metals. Its design is reasonable, the quality is reliable, the operation is convenient, the working place is flexible, and the welder is easy to master. The top forging force, the distance between the jaws and the current can be adjusted conveniently according to the needs. It can be fed automatically or manually.

Suitable for wire drawing, nail making, cable and wire, steel wire rope, construction and other industries.

working principle:

The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA power frequency resistance welding transformers as the power source. The two ends are compressed, flashed, and upset at the same time to complete the butt joint of the two steel radiator tips and the middle oval tube. The firing amount, upsetting amount, and welding current are all set and displayed by PLC through the LCD screen.

The advantages of the butt welding machine are as follows:

1. Energy saving. The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA resistance welding transformers as the power source, pneumatic compression, upsetting, and no hydraulic station. Compared with other welding machines using two 315KVA single-phase AC resistance welding transformers and two 18KVA hydraulic stations, UN-250AB welding machine can save up to 78℅.

2. Low requirements on the power grid. Only 250KVA power grid is enough.

3. High welding accuracy. Use programmable controller PLC and stepping motor to control the flashing process, can set the burning amount and burning speed; control the welding current through the microcomputer resistance welding controller. The center distance error of the film head after welding can be controlled within ±0.2mm, which is convenient for subsequent assembly welding.

4. Automatic centering function. Ensure that the distance between the two ends of the pipe string and the two chip head ends is the same before welding, so as to ensure the same amount of burning at both ends.

5. High welding efficiency. Since the workpiece is compressed by a double-force cylinder, its response speed is significantly faster than that of a hydraulic cylinder.

6. Convenient operation and maintenance services. Since there is no hydraulic station, the product has fewer debugging points and failure points, and no oil leakage will occur.