What is the structure of the butt welding machine

Update:16 Nov 2020

The structure of the butt welding machine is mainly com […]

The structure of the butt welding machine is mainly composed of welding transformer, fixed electrode, moving electrode, feeding mechanism (pressurizing mechanism), water cooling system and control system.
The left and right electrodes are respectively connected with the conductor of the welding transformer's secondary coil through a multilayer copper skin, and the welding transformer's secondary coil is cooled by circulating water. There are protective plates on both sides and under the welding place to prevent molten metal from splashing into the transformer and switch. The welder must frequently clean the metal splash on the protective plate to avoid short-circuit and other faults.

1. Feeding mechanism: The feeding mechanism can complete the melting and extrusion process required in welding. It mainly includes a joystick, a movable cross frame, an adjusting screw, etc. When the joystick is moved between the two poles, the electrode can be work plan.

2. Switch control: Press the button and turn on the relay at this time to make the AC contactor close, and the welding transformer is turned on. Move the joystick to implement resistance welding or flash welding. When the weldment is shortened due to plastic deformation and reaches the prescribed upsetting allowance, the stroke screw touches the stroke switch to automatically cut off the power supply. The control power supply is powered by a control transformer with a secondary voltage of 36 volts to ensure the operator's life.

3. Jaws (electrodes): The left and right electrode holders  are equipped with lower jaws  , lever-type clamping arms , clamping screws , and hooks  with handles. Used to clamp the clamping arm. The lower jaw is made of chromium-zirconium copper, and below it is a copper block for energization, which is composed of two wedge-shaped copper blocks to adjust the required jaw height. Both sides of the wedge-shaped copper block are covered by protective plates, and the copper protective plates are removed in the figure.

4. Electrical device: the welding transformer is of iron shell type, its primary voltage is 380V, the transformer primary coil is a disc winding, and the secondary winding is composed of three copper plates welded with copper water pipes in parallel. The welding is selected according to the size of the weldment. Adjust the number of stages to obtain the required no-load voltage.