What is brazing

Update:25 May 2019

What is brazing? How is brazing classified? What are th […]

What is brazing? How is brazing classified? What are the characteristics of the brazed joint form?
Brazing is to use a metal whose melting point is lower than that of the base material as a brazing material. After heating, the brazing material melts, the weldment does not melt, the base material is wetted by the liquid brazing material, the joint gap is filled and the base material is mutually diffused, and the weldment is firmly fixed. Connected together.
Brazing is divided into soldering and brazing depending on the melting point of the solder.
(1) Soldering: The soldered solder has a melting point of less than 450 ° C and a low joint strength (less than 70 MPa).
(2) Brazing: The brazing filler metal has a melting point higher than 450 ° C and a higher joint strength (greater than 200 MPa).
The bearing capacity of the brazed joint is related to the size of the joint face. Therefore, brazing is generally lap joints and kits to compensate for the lack of brazing strength.