What is the difference between butt welding machine and electric welding machine

Update:25 Nov 2022

Butt welding machine is also called electric welding ma […]

Butt welding machine is also called electric welding machine or resistance touch welding machine. By using the resistance between the contact surfaces of two workpieces, the low voltage and high current can be passed instantaneously, so that the contact surfaces of two mutually connected metals can be heated instantaneously until they are melted and fused.

Electric welding machine (generally refers to manual arc welding) is the purpose of melting the solder and the material to be welded on the welding electrode by using the high-temperature arc generated by the positive and negative poles in the instant short circuit, so as to combine the objects to be contacted. Its structure is very simple, which is a high-power transformer. Electric welding machines are generally divided into two types according to the type of output power supply, one is AC power supply, the other is DC power supply. They use the principle of inductance. When the inductance is turned on and off, it will produce huge voltage changes. They use the high-voltage arc generated when the positive and negative poles are short circuited in an instant to melt the solder on the electrode, so that they can achieve the goal of atomic bonding.

The welding machine directly fuses by melting the resistance heat energy between the sections of the workpiece itself. The electric welding machine does not use the resistance between the contact surfaces of the workpiece to generate heat, but uses the high temperature arc generated by the positive and negative electrodes of the welding machine during the instantaneous short circuit to melt the welding electrode and the materials to be welded, so as to combine the objects to be contacted.

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