What kind of preparations are needed for the flash butt welding machine before welding?

Update:18 May 2020

When the flash Butt fusion welding machines is welding, […]

When the flash Butt fusion welding machines is welding, sometimes the workpiece does not carry out the end face geometry, the processing of the blank end and the surface cleaning will affect the product after welding, so what preparation should we do before welding?
In flash butt welding, the geometry and size of the butt joints of the two workpieces should be basically the same. Otherwise, the heating and plastic deformation of the two workpieces will not be guaranteed, which will affect the quality of the joint. In production, the difference between the diameters of round workpieces should not exceed 15%, and that of square and tubular workpieces should not exceed 10%.

When flash butt welding a large-section workpiece, chamfer the end of a workpiece to increase the current density to facilitate laser flashing. In this way, the secondary voltage can be increased without preheating or flashing.
The processing of the butt welding blank end can be performed on a shearing machine, punching machine, lathe, or it can be cut with plasma or gas flame, and then the end surface is removed.
In flash butt welding, because the end metal is burned out during flash, the requirements for cleaning the end surface are not strict. However, the cleaning requirements for the contact surface between the clamp and the workpiece should be the same as resistance butt welding.

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