Hand butt fusion welding machine CH-Y200

Butt fusion is a hot melting process
Butt fusion involves heating the ends of the two pipes/fittings to be connected at the same time until a molten state is reached on each contact surface. The two surfaces are then put together under controlled pressure for a specific cooling time, and a uniform weld joint is formed. The resulting joint is fully resistant to end-to-end load and has comparable performance under the pressure of the tube itself.

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Hand butt fusion welding machine CH-Y200 Details

Model: CH - Y200 (4 Rings)

Welding range: 63-1200 m m.

Material: aluminum,

Drive mode: manual.

Weight: 66 kg

Power: 2.6 kw

Voltage: 220 v

The heating plate best temperature: 240 ℃, the highest temperature: 270 ℃

Packing size: 74*59*53cm³

Warranty period: 1 year.

Certification: CE

Optional accessories: pressure gauge, digital display heating panel.

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