Hand-push Pipe Welder machine

Hand-push Pipe Welder machine

Materials: Aluminum alloy casting, steel

Voltage: 220V

Working temperature 220°c

Welding level outer dia:(Φ, mm): 2.48" (63mm), 2.95" (75mm), 3.54" (90), 4.33" (110mm), 1.92" (125mm), 5.51" (140mm), 6.30" (160mm)

Docking deviation: ≤0.012" (0.3mm)


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Hand-push Pipe Welder machine Details

Standard Composition : Main Machine Body, Heating Plate with DTC, Trimming Unit, PLC based Electro-Hydraulic Unit, Heater / Trimmer Lifting Electrical Crane, Trimmer Stand, Heating Plate Stand, Stub end Device, Reduce Clamp Inserts

Materials can be welded: PE PP PB PVDF HDPE PVC

Application :

The Hand-push Pipe Welder machine is been designed to make the welding operations very simple for the worker at any construction building site, in pipe trenches, or in a workshop.

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