Hydraulic station for HDPE pipe welding machine

Optional accessories: timer, digital display voltmeter, digital display ammeter.

Voltage: 220v

Frequency: 50-60HZ


Working Temperature: 0-300℃

Environment temperature: -5 - 40℃

Time Required To Reach Soldering Temperature: <20min

The hydraulic station is also the hydraulic power system.

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Hydraulic station for HDPE pipe welding machine Details

It Hydraulic station for HDPE pipe welding machine is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic machines where the main engine and the hydraulic device can be separated. It is only necessary to connect the hydraulic station with the actuator on the main engine, and the hydraulic machine can perform various prescribed actions. It is mainly used in PE and PP mine extraction pipelines, pipeline companies, gas companies, water companies, construction units, chemical transportation and cable laying. Suitable for butt welding of PE, HDPE, PPR, PVDF thermoplastic pipes.

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