Manual PE Pipe Welding Machine

Manual butt fusion machines are suitable for butt welding plastic pipes and fittings made of HDPE, PE, PP-R, PVDF material.

1. Welding range: 63mm-160mm, 63mm-200mm

2. Application: PE, PB, PP and PVDF

3. Working voltage: 220V±10%

4. Planning tool: 0.68KW, heating plate: 1.6KW

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Manual PE Pipe Welding Machine Details

Zhejiang Cheng hong machinery co., LTD is a professional engaged in PE, HDPE, PPR thermoplastic piping engineering machinery manufacturers. The company strictly implements enterprise standards (CH series hot-melt pipe butt joint machine Q / ZJCH 002-2017; plastic pipe hot-melt butt joint Q / ZJCH 001-2017). The products have been tested by the national authority, and the mechanical properties are rationalized The health indicators all meet the requirements of relevant standards.

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