Automatic welding machine operation and related practical operations

Update:15 Feb 2023

1. Assemble the electric heater type CO2 gas pressure r […]

1. Assemble the electric heater type CO2 gas pressure reducer as required

2. Be sure to preheat for 5-10 minutes before application;

3. Gradually open the valve on the oxygen cylinder (at a speed of about 5 degrees/second), at this time, it can be observed that the needle of the pressure gauge is gradually lifted, and then stops on the appropriate scale.

4. Close the leakage protector of the electrical equipment box and power on the equipment, and check whether the electrical equipment box and the fuselage are leaking (the leakage risk must be eliminated before proceeding to the next step).

5. Check whether the indicator light on the side of the electrical box is normal. If there is any abnormality, it must be cleared before proceeding to the next step.

6. Check whether the reducer can be filled with lubricating oil, and if any abnormality occurs, it must be handled according to the maintenance specification of the reducer.

7. Carry out the high-speed operation of the equipment, check whether there are abnormal noises in the gearbox, gears, motors and other transmissions and clear them, and proceed to the next step after clearing the abnormalities.

8. Select work efficiency on the operation panel Work efficiency: "Adjustment" gear is suitable for manual control processing of the machine; "Auto" gear is suitable for programmed automatic welding work.

9. Adjust the corresponding parameters (table rotation speed) and efficiency conversion, and operate the equipment for normal operation and work.

10. Function selection and some parameter settings can be performed on the operation panel of the welding machine.