Safe operation method of spot welding machine

Update:20 Feb 2023

The eccentricity of the welding spot of the spot weldin […]

The eccentricity of the welding spot of the spot welding machine is mainly caused by the misalignment of the electrode or the poor contact surface of the two electrode end faces. The improvement measures are as follows:
1) The upper and lower electrodes of the spot welding machine shall be made into flat electrodes of the same diameter and fixed type. Generally, the lower electrode should not be a movable spherical electrode.
2) In order to ensure the alignment and flatness, a layer of carbon paper cardboard can be sandwiched between the upper and lower electrodes, and a clear electrode shape can be obtained by slowly rotating the cardboard with a little pressure to judge the concentricity and flatness of the spot welding electrode.
Safety operation procedures for spot welding machine
1. Before operation, the oil stains on the upper and lower electrodes shall be removed. After power-on, the body shell shall be free of leakage.
2. Before starting, turn on the steering switch of the control line and the small switch of the welding current, adjust the number of poles, then turn on the water and gas sources, and finally turn on the power supply.
3. After the spot welding machine is powered on, check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism, cooling system, gas circuit system and body shell for leakage. The electrode contact shall be kept smooth and clean. In case of leakage, replace it immediately.
4. During operation, the gas path and water cooling system shall be unblocked. The gas should be kept dry. The drainage temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, and the drainage volume can be adjusted according to the temperature.
5. It is forbidden to increase the fuse in the pilot circuit. When the load is too small to make the arc in the pilot tube impossible, the pilot circuit of the control box shall not be closed.
6. When the control box is out of service for a long time, it should be heated for 30min every month when the thyristor is replaced. The preheating time of the control box in normal operation shall not be less than 5min.
7. Welding operators and cooperation personnel must wear labor protection articles as required. Safety measures must be taken to prevent electric shock, falling from height, gas poisoning, fire and other accidents.
8. The welding machine used on the site shall be equipped with rain-proof, moisture-proof and sun-proof machine shed, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment shall be installed.
9. When welding or cutting at height, the safety belt must be fastened, fire prevention measures should be taken around and below the welding, and special personnel should be assigned to monitor.
10. When removing the weld slag, wear protective glasses and keep the head away from the direction of the splashing of the welding slag.
11. Do not weld in the open air in rainy days. When working in wet areas, operators should stand at the place with insulating materials and wear insulating shoes