Common faults of automatic welding equipment

Update:10 Feb 2023

Composition of automatic welding machine: the welding p […]

Composition of automatic welding machine: the welding power, output power and welding characteristics shall be consistent with the welding process to be used, and the interface connected with the main control board. For the wire feeder and the adjustment and speed regulation system, the wire feeder has higher requirements for the control accuracy of wire feeding efficiency. Its control system should improve the efficiency. The feedback welding head should select the mobile structure, which is composed of welding head, welding head support frame, hanger, etc. For high-precision welding head structure, servo motor with encoder shall be selected as the driving system. Moving or displacement structure in electric welding, such as welding roller frame, turning machine at both ends, rotating platform and positioner.

High-precision medium-moving displacement structure shall be driven by servo motor. The main control board of electric welding clamping mechanism, also known as system control board, is mainly used for linkage control of different parts, adjustment of electric welding procedure flow, setting, adjustment and display of key welding parameters. If necessary, it can expand and adjust the basic functions, such as fault detection and human-computer dialogue. Computer system. Common computer systems for automatic welding machines include programming software, basic function software, technical method software and expert system. In the case of automatic welding of pressure vessel automatic welding equipment, some problems will occur during the welding process due to operation errors or unexpected conditions, so it may cause serious impact if it is not solved in time. Below is the handling of simple faults of automatic welding machine.
1. During the welding process, it is found that the arc is caused between the nozzle and the workpiece, which results in a double-arc condition. After this happens, the welding parameters current and ionic gas should be adjusted in time. Too large current and too small ionic gas will cause double arc.

2. Smoke is found at the nozzle of plasma welding gun during electric welding. To terminate the electric welding, check whether the water tank is open and whether the water meter shows water. If there is no water passing through the welding gun, the welding gun is burnt out and needs to be repaired by professionals.

3. In the case of tungsten alignment, high frequency is not used. In this case, handle the nozzle in time, polish the metal with metallographic abrasive paper, and grind the tungsten needle again.

4. Air holes are caused in the weld. The reason may be that the base metal has oil, rust and other dirt; The actual effect of gas protection is poor; The gas path is not clean; The nozzle leaks. The workpiece should be cleaned, the arc pressure should be reduced, the welding speed should be reduced, the new gas should be replaced, the pipeline should be upgraded, and the O-ring should be replaced.