Several common ways of plastic welding

Update:07 Jun 2021

Several common ways of plastic welding 1. Hot plate wel […]

Several common ways of plastic welding

1. Hot plate welding method
Principle: The welding surface of the plastic parts is directly heated by the metal hot plate to reach a certain melting point. The hot plate is withdrawn, and then a certain pressure is applied to the two plastic parts to achieve the purpose of welding.
Application: for PE, PP, nylon, ABS and other thermoplastic plastic parts, such as car lights, water tanks, washing machine gimbals, spray barrels, etc.

2. Rotary welding method
Principle: The high temperature generated by the friction between the plastic workpieces by the high-speed rotation of the motor, the contact surface of the plastic workpieces is melted, and then driven by the external pressure to solidify the upper and lower workpieces into one body, becoming a permanent combination
Application: filter (household reverse osmosis filter, industrial filter, medical filter, activated carbon filter...)
Plastic cups (double-layer cups, beer glasses, water cups, vases, utensils...)
Gardening supplies (sprinklers, foggers, hose heads...)
Balls (hole balls and other practice balls, floating balls, toy balls...)

3. Ultrasonic welding method:
Principle: The principle of ultrasonic plastic welding is to generate high-voltage, high-frequency signals by a generator, and use energy welding head (hom) to transmit to the plastic processing object. Through the friction between the surface of the workpiece and the inner molecules, the plastic contact surface generates high temperature. The plastic joint surface is quickly dissolved and communicated, and the fusion process is completed within one second.
Application: Widely used in various industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, plastic toys, stationery, handicrafts, and cosmetics.

4. High frequency welding method
Principle: The main principle is that the high-frequency electric field generated by the electronic tube self-excited oscillator produces frictional heat by repeated twisting of the plastic polar molecules to achieve the purpose of welding.
Application: All kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based plastics, including shoes, trademarks, stickers, raincoats, rain sails, umbrellas, leather bags, handbags, beach bags, stationery, famous brands, inflatable toys, water beds , Automobile and locomotive seat cushions, sun visors, door panels, and special hard-shell vacuum packaging.

5. Hot melt welding method
Principle: Directly heat and dissolve the heated parts at high temperature through the heating plate to achieve the purpose of riveting or embedding of metal parts.
Application: Especially suitable for screw embedding and hot riveting, such as switches, mobile phones, and various electronic products.

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6. The plastic sealing machine is mainly used for heat sealing packaging of blister and paper card, using the principle of pulse heating (36V voltage makes the bakelite mold heat) according to the size of the workpiece (heating area) to select different current output and power-on time, and then cooling The heat-sealing package is completed under pressure. The packaging products are transparent and beautiful, and the packaging speed is fast.
It is mainly suitable for packaging exquisite toys, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, industrial products and hardware products, small tools, etc., sealed into a beautiful and transparent jacket, as far as possible to show the various advantages of the packaged items, which is clear at a glance.