Welding roller frame maintenance and cleaning

Update:09 Oct 2019

Everyone knows how the welding roller frame works. The […]

Everyone knows how the welding roller frame works. The welding roller frame drives the rotation of the cylindrical (or conical) welding element by the friction between the welding element and the driving roller. Let us take a look at the maintenance work of the welding roller frame today.
Maintenance procedure
1. Check and remove the obstacles on the machine before welding, and need to be used and kept by special personnel. Do not touch the oil and fire type of the roller frame. The oil filling holes are often oiled.
2, rolling bearing: through the oil cup on the bearing cover for lubrication, it is recommended to use sodium grease.
3. Transmission gear: For the first time, it is necessary to remove the active gear guard and apply a proper amount of grease on the gear. It is recommended to use sodium grease. During use, the grease can be filled through the oil hole on the gear cover, and foreign matter is strictly prohibited from falling into the gear.
4. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer: Please add grease as required before use. It is recommended to use grease such as grease-2#, molybdenum disulfide-2# or 2L-23 lithium grease at room temperature. The filling amount of the grease is 1/2-1/3 of the volume of the reducer, and the grease should not be added too much, otherwise stirring heat will be generated. After the initial operation of the reducer 300 disappears, the first replacement is made. When replacing, the remaining dirty oil should be removed. Replace it every six months thereafter.
5. In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, all transmission parts should be inspected regularly and irregularly. The cycloid reducer must be inspected monthly to make up the lubricating oil.
6. All transmission components are not lubricated and are strictly prohibited.
7. The grease must be replaced before the long-term sealed equipment is restarted.
8. During use, the roller should be in full contact with the workpiece. Do not touch the roller with a weld or sharp part to avoid damage to the roller.
9. When lifting the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller vigorously to prevent damage to the roller or other components. When the device is not fixed, a strong impact may cause the device to tip over.
10. When the roller frame is used for the small-diameter cylinder, if the cylinder body is axially tilted, adjust the adjusting bolt under the curved plate to adjust the lifting position of the roller (within a certain range) to ensure the cylinder body. The job location is at its best.
Also be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of the welding machine:
Stainless steel pressure vessels are used as a special container. It should be manufactured in an independent and dedicated space and should be strictly isolated from carbon steel products. Stainless steel pressure vessels are equipped with carbon steel parts, and the carbon steel parts are manufactured separately from stainless steel. In order to prevent contamination of iron ions and other harmful impurities, the stainless steel pressure vessel production site must be kept clean and dry, and the floor should be covered with rubber or wooden flooring. Stacking of semi-finished and finished parts of parts shall be provided with wooden stacking racks. Avoid sharp, hard materials from scratching the stainless steel surface during manufacturing. If the surface of the stainless steel pressure vessel has local bumps or scratches, the defects that affect the corrosion performance must be repaired.
In order to ensure the quality of stainless steel products, to ensure the performance of the equipment and extend the service life. The outer surface of the roller frame must be cleaned before use. All drives should be lubricated regularly. During the lubrication and use, foreign objects should be avoided. Close the switch and start the motor to test the rotation, and observe whether the operation of each part is normal. Make sure you have no problem before you can work. The height and longitudinal position of the main follower roller frame are required to be installed. If placed poorly, the weldment will be displaced during rotation. Usually pay attention to the hygiene around the equipment.
The above is the maintenance procedure for the welding roller frame. By following the steps, the equipment can work normally in a clean environment.