The main problems that should be paid attention to when using Butt fusion welding machines

Update:08 Apr 2022

The main problems that should be paid attention to when […]

The main problems that should be paid attention to when using Butt fusion welding machines

(1) The worktable for feeding and feeding the material should be kept level with the lower part of the cutter, and the length of the worktable can be determined according to the length of the processed material. When processing long steel bars, there should be a special person to help, and obey the instructions of the operator, and do not push or pull arbitrarily.

(2) Before starting, it must be checked that the cutter should be free of cracks, the bolts of the tool holder are fastened, and the protective cover is firm. Then turn the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing clearance, and adjust the cutter clearance.

(3) After starting, it should be idling first to check that the transmission parts and bearings are running normally before operation.

(4) The material shall not be cut when the machine does not reach the normal speed. When cutting, the middle and lower parts of the cutter must be used, and the steel bar should be grasped and fed quickly to the edge of the knife. It is strictly forbidden to use both hands to hold the steel bar on both sides of the blade and lean over to feed.

(5) Do not cut steel bars and red-burning steel bars whose diameter and strength exceed those specified on the mechanical nameplate. When cutting multiple steel bars at one time, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.

(6) When cutting low-alloy steel, the high-hardness cutter should be replaced, and the cutting diameter should meet the requirements of the mechanical nameplate.

(7) When cutting the short material, the distance between the hand close to the blade and the blade should be kept more than 150mm. If the hand-held end is less than 400mm, the short end of the steel bar should be pressed or clamped with a sleeve or a clamp.

(8) During operation, it is strictly forbidden to use hands to directly eliminate the broken ends and debris nearby, and non-operators should not stay around the steel bar swing and near the knife edge.

(9) When it is found that the mechanical operation is abnormal, there is abnormal noise or the cutter is skewed, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance. Maintenance must be stopped and the power supply can be cut off.

(10) Before the operation of the hydraulic drive type cutting machine, check and confirm that the hydraulic oil level and the rotation direction of the motor meet the requirements. After starting, it should run without load, loosen the oil valve, and drain the air in the hydraulic cylinder before cutting the ribs.

(11) Before using the manual hydraulic cutting machine, the oil drain valve should be tightened clockwise, and after cutting, it should be loosened counterclockwise immediately. During the operation, the hand should hold the cutting machine steadily and wear insulating gloves.

(12) After the operation, the power supply should be cut off, the sundries between the cutters should be removed with a steel brush, and the whole machine should be cleaned and lubricated.