Wear plate surfacing machine working principle

Update:19 Oct 2019

The wear-resistant composite steel plate is processed b […]

The wear-resistant composite steel plate is processed by uniformly welding a layer of wear-resistant alloy on the surface of the ordinary titanium steel plate with a special high-hardness arc self-shielding welding wire for the wear plate. Its material: Q235 + wear plate alloy. Surfacing and wear-resistant composite steel is a common material in industrial and mining. It is a new type of alloy lining wear-resistant material, which has been widely used in industrial production. Its surfacing and wear-resistant composite steel plate has high wear resistance, good impact resistance, good corrosion resistance and high price performance. It is a kind of surfacing equipment because of its characteristics and long service life.
The working principle is that the workpiece is placed on the workpiece carrier, and the welding arm equipped with the arc welding head is horizontally and vertically moved on the gantry, so that the welding tip on the head is aligned with the weld, and then the gantry is placed on the rail. For straight walking, automatic welding, this machine can weld 2-4 welds at the same time. The equipment consists of a gantry welding machine, a submerged arc welding power source, an automatic wire feeder, a water-cooled welding torch, an internal circulation water cooler, a water-cooled circulation platform, and a soot purifier (optional).
Scope of application:
Wear plate range: 5+4-20+20(mm)
Surface condition of the workpiece: no oil, severe corrosion, etc.
The workpiece is firmly fixed before welding, with the welding surface facing up, and the water cooling system is activated.
Reserve dust removal equipment and install dust removal port on the torch