What are the precautions for the operation of the welding machine

Update:30 Nov 2020

Butt welding machine(https://www.chbuttfusionweldingmac […]

Butt welding machine(https://www.chbuttfusionweldingmachine.com) is also called current welding machine or resistance welding machine. Using the resistance between the contact surfaces of the two workpieces, a low voltage and large current is instantly passed through, so that the contact surfaces of the two butting metals instantly heat to melt and fuse.

Key points of operation of butt welding machine:

1. The operator of the butt welding machine has been trained to be familiar with the structure, performance, and operating procedures of the butt welding machine, and master the knowledge of process parameter selection and quality inspection specifications.

2. Before operation, check whether the various mechanisms of the welder are sensitive and reliable, whether the electrical system is correct, whether the cooling water pump system is leaking, and whether the lubricating parts are well filled with oil, etc.

3. It is strictly forbidden to butt-weld steel bars with a diameter exceeding the specified diameter. The main bars are butt-welded first and then cold drawn. In order to ensure the welding quality, cleaning, rust removal and correction should be carried out within the range of about 150mm from the felt end.

4. When working, operators should wear colored protective glasses and hats to prevent arc light from irritating eyes and melting metal to burn skin.

5. The butt welder should be parked in a clean, dry and ventilated place. The butt welder used on site should be equipped with a rain, moisture, and sun shed, and equipped with fire-fighting equipment. No flammable materials should be stacked in the welding area.

6. The butt welding machine should be equipped with a dedicated wiring switch and installed in the switch box. The capacity of the fuse should be 1.5 times the capacity of the machine. The welder shell is well grounded.

7. Visual inspection after butt welding, steel joints should be properly upset, and there are no cracks and obvious burns on the surface. The joint axis crankshaft is not more than 6°, and the cheapness is not more than 1/10 of the diameter of the steel bar, and not more than 2mm.

8. After the operation, the site should be cleaned up, the fire extinguishing species should be eliminated, and the water in the cooling pipeline should be blown with compressed air in winter to cut off the power supply.