Butt Fusion welding machine CH-H450

250-450 mm Butt Fusion welding machine CH-H450

Zhejiang Chenghong Machinery Co., Ltd.are butt welding machine manufacturers.

The company strictly implements enterprise standards (CH series hot-melt pipe butt joint machine Q / ZJCH 002-2017; plastic pipe hot-melt butt joint Q / ZJCH 001-2017). The products have been tested by the national authority, and the mechanical properties are rationalized The health indicators all meet the requirements of relevant standards.


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Butt Fusion welding machine CH-H450 Details

Model: CH - H450  (4 Rings)

Welding range: 250-450 mm.

Material: aluminum,

Drive mode: Semi-Automatic 

Weight: 520 kg

Power: 7.98 kw

Voltage: 380 V ±10%

The heating plate best temperature: 240 ℃, the highest temperature: 270 ℃

Packing size:120*86*95cm³;78*68*113cm³; 70*53*50cm³;

Warranty period: 1 year.

Certification: CE

Machine includes: hydraulic station & milling cutter & heating panel & fuselage & electric box

Color: 5 above can be customized color, trademark.

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